Trend report 2050

Marko Goller, Lia Kupferer,

Sandra Holbeck, Mathias Beeh

University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd

2014 / 2015

Working out a trend report for the year 2050 was part of the first master semester. In a

team of four students we developed a scenario on how the gender role will change within the next 35 years.


Therefor we analyzed a lot of different products and commercials that deal with the role

of man and women during the last decades. Based on this analysis and a wide research on other megatrends we finalised our report.

Essential parts of the project:

→ Research

→ Trend Spotting

→ Analysis

→ Anticipating

→ Scenario Developing

→ Graphic Design

→ Trend Visualization

Applied methods and tools:

→ Mindmapping

→ Target Group Analysis

→ Scenario-Method

→ Moodchart

→ Wireframing

→ Prototyping


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