Design for Behaviour Change

Marko Goller, Tobias Martsch

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Bachelorthesis 2012

How can product design change people‘s behaviour for the better?


This question was the basis of our bachelor thesis on »Design for Behaviour Change«.

In a team of two students we designed five different products, each one of them with its own principle of how to change people‘s behaviour.


All the products follow six design rules based on an extensive research and analysis of different topics such as psychology, guerilla marketing or environmental sustainability.

Essential parts of the project:

→ Research

→ Analysis

→ Concept Developing

→ Product Developing

→ Product Design

→ Modelling

→ Product Visualization

Applied methods and tools:

→ User Interview

→ Expert Interview

→ Moodchart

→ Morphological Box

→ Semantic Differential

→ Prototyping


→ Rendering


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