Design (Re) Thinking

Marko Goller, Nadja Slave, Florian Staib

University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd

Master Thesis 2015 / 2016

The theoretical master thesis »Design (Re) Thinking – the role of designers in the 21st century« analyzes future demands and challenges for designers in a constantly changing social and economic environment.


The result is a new design model called »Beyond Design« which shows how designers

could act in a responsible way within the fields of society, economy and ecology. A newly developed design process also shows how beyond design could be implemented in the development process of big companies to help them act in a faster and more flexible way.

Essential parts of the project:

→ Design Theory

→ Strategic Design

→ Research

→ Analysis

→ Design Management

→ Process Developing

→ Process Visualization

Applied methods and tools:

→ Expert Interviews

→ Expert Surveys

→ Quote Mapping

→ Scenario-Method

→ Wireframing

→ Prototyping


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