Bitte Öffnen – Please do open

The travelling exhibition »Bitte Öffnen. Kisten des Könnens von Flüchtlingen« shows the situation of refugees coming to Germany from a very special point of view. It particularly focusses on the skills and knowledge of every single refugee. Therefor each person was photographed with a symbolic box that contains all their skills.


In this project it was my task to design and coordinate all the different components including exhibition layout, color, posters, photo frames, banners, etc.



© Fotos by Valentin Marquardt

Marko Goller

In cooperation with acameo GbR


Essential parts of the project:

→ Design Management

→ Concept Developing

→ Color

→ Graphic Design

Applied methods and tools:

→ Target Group Analysis

→ Product Research


© Copyright Marko Goller